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Follow us on this journey.

Follow us on this journey.

Hi Everyone 👋

We wanted to start this update with a few important events from the past months of our work. 

During the past few runs, we were able to deliver in total 4000 lbs of fresh produce, 4000 lbs of nonperishable food items, medicine for the hospital, personal care items, and 1000 lbs of pet food. Last week alone we were able to deliver another 4,000 lbs of salt, meat, and female hygiene products to people and towns on the Ukraine – Russian border. We also assisted another NGO in delivering two vehicles to Ukraine. 💪

At the beginning of July, we were able to assist some military units with non-perishable food items, hygiene products, and much-needed mosquito sprays. Supplies were delivered to heavily affected regions of Ukraine including Mykolaiv, Kramatorsk, Dnipro, Mariupol, and Kharkiv. We will continue to support not only civilians but also military units in their efforts to protect Ukraine.

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Those, who follow our journey on social media know, that some of our vehicles were caught in a rocket attack in Kharkiv. Unfortunately, that meant a hefty bill for fixing the vehicles that we used. We desperately need to acquire a reliable vehicle, that will serve our mission out in the East.

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Current goals: 

Logistics / Transport 

  • Purchasing a reliable vehicle that will run missions out East ($5,500) 
  • Acquiring a small warehouse space in Poland for the next 6 months ($1,000) 

Aid for Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine

  • Providing food, hygiene supplies, and other basic necessities to small towns and villages in Ukraine ($1,000 per one run) 
  • Those towns need electricity generators ($500 per piece)  

Fuel Budget

  • Fuel is one of the biggest costs in our operation. We are looking to secure a fuel budget for the next month of our operations ($5,000)

Thank you all, again, for following us on this journey and for your continued support. If you are interested in our work and want to enable Ukrainians on the ground to fulfill their humanitarian roles in this war, please share our mission and consider continuing to share our Spotfund in your circles. If you want to follow our missions, we encourage you to follow our Facebook and Twitter for more frequent updates.  💙💛

We look forward to updating you all again soon. 😊

~The Renegade Relief Runners 🦝