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Please Support

Newly Liberated Regions

The battle for freedom in Ukraine is entering a critical phase. With the current situation in Ukraine, just liberated territories need our help more than ever. To help civilians who still reside in the newly liberated villages and towns throughout Ukraine, we are launching a campaign aimed at supplying items that will fulfill the basic needs:
We do our best to maximize efficiency and minimize waste, and regularly push ourselves to the limit to deliver this aid in the shortest window possible. Help us get the neccessary items to the newly liberated villages in Ukraine!

“We just want to help Ukraine”
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Please Support

Feed The Soldiers

“An Army Marches on its Stomach.”
– Frederick The Great

Nascent partnerships with NGOs operating in Ukraine have afforded us the opportunity to provide humanitarian aid directly to front line units lacking essential food and soft goods. This two pronged efforts allows us to apply our resources to targeted needs within specific units in the most necessitous locations. We regularly receive information that the military is having a hard time maintaining proper nutrition, and namely in the form protein products and ready-to-eat items. We have agreements with producers in Ukraine an Poland to source extremely cost-effective and high-quality single-soure meat products, from canned shelf-stable meat to dried meat, as well as light weight high-calorie nutritionally complete meal substitutes.
Beyond supporting their ability to continue to defend Ukraine and their families, we absolutely see this as a humanitarian problem. Regardless of why they are there they are also, simply put, people who need food.
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Please Support

Operational Costs

Hello everyone, we need your help to be able to provide and keep providing for the team so we can keep our mission going in Ukraine. Your donations go towards operational, logistics and incidental costs of the team on the ground in Ukraine. That includes, but is not limited to payments for:
Those donations can also be used to cover Chris’s and Julia’s monthly expenses, so they can remain working for the team full time for as long as it takes.

Thank you very much for your support for our team!
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How Your Donation Makes A Difference

With your help, we can reach the most vulnerable people with food, clean water, medicine, shelter and much more when they need it most.