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  • Renegade Relief Foundation

    A 501 (C)(3) CHARITY

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Help the most vulnerable

Who we are

Help Ukrainian families and children caught in the unprovoked war. The Renegade Foundation has stepped up operations and capacity in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. We remain firmly committed to support all affected communities in Ukraine and countries in the region.

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About us

Renegade Relief Runners

Renegade Relief Foundation is the registered 501(c)(3) Charity that supports the Renegade Relief Runner’s efforts in conflict zones.
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Critical medical aid

Delivering critical medical aid into areas with difficult access and supporting medical evacuation

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Food And Water

Delivering food and water purification to areas deprived of basic needs

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Aid Logistics

Supporting aid logistics and developing networks to provide continuing aid to areas most heavily impacted

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About us
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Our Mission

What we do

Our primary function in-country is to push relief aid from Western Ukraine into Eastern Ukraine. In partnership with other NGOs, we source as many existing assets in the West that are known to be needed in the East. What cannot be sourced, we purchase directly from Ukrainian industries and suppliers with donations collected through the Foundation. If we cannot meet those needs at Ukrainian produce markets, farms, or local wholesalers, we turn to our international network to provide. We also support other NGOs by providing logistical solutions and material help to reduce their time-to-line.

We are feisty, cagey and carefully fearless. Like a Raccoon.
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Another day, another safe baby.

Runner Chris Tiller successfully evacuated a mother and her two daughters to family awaiting them in Western Europe.  Your donations purchase the fuel and supplies necessary to save more babies like her!

Follow us on this journey.

Hi Everyone 👋 We wanted to start this update with a few important events from the past months of our work.  During the past few runs, we were able to deliver in total 4000 lbs of fresh produce, 4000 lbs of nonperishable food items, medicine for the hospital, personal care items,…